Double Bag CNC Six-Sided Drilling Machine P810DL

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Single-person operation, small workload, can be directly docked with a variety of billing software, mainly used for all types of artificial plate six faces (through holes, semi-through holes, hinge holes, horizontal drilling), with the spindle can be slotted milling type and other auxiliary processing

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Double Bag CNC Six-sided Drilling Machine


◆Docking software with a maximum processing Sheet of 2 5 00 x 1 2 20 m, with one worker operating more than 1,150 Sheets per day

◆ The feed workbench is a gas-floating work surface, effectively protecting the Sheet from scratch during sliding

◆ Double clamps that automatically adjust the clamp position according to the length of the sheet, making it easy to process small or large sheets without additional adjustment

◆Workers only need to scan the bar code, the machine can automatically complete the six-sided drilling of the Sheet and the Sheet on, down the sloting process without manual technical intervention, to achieve zero error processing

◆Dual-drill packages can be machined simultaneously for a significant increase in efficiency

板材最小宽度/Minimum width of the sheet50mm 
板材最小长度/Minimum length of sheet200mm 
板材最大宽度/Maximum width of the sheet1200mm 
板材最大厚度/Maximum thickness of the sheet60mm 
最大钻孔深度/Maximum drilling depth20mm
工作台高度/Workbench height900mm 
Y轴行程/Y-axis stroke4765mm 
Y轴最高速度/Y-axis maximum speed150m/minDelta Servo 750W Motor
X轴行程/X-axis stroke1660mm 
X轴最高速度/X-axis maximum speed80m/minDelta Servo 1.5KW Motor
Z轴行程/Z-axis stroke100mm 
Z轴最高速度/Z-axis maximum speed50m/minDelta Servo 1.5KW Motor
驱动电机/Drive motorServoDELTA
工作电压/Operating voltage380V 50Hz 
上下划槽主轴/Top and down slotspin spindle3.5K Wind Cold BJD Customized
主轴转速/Spindle speed18000rpm 
上数控钻配置/Upper CNC drill configuration13V8H*2 
下数控钻配置/Under-CNC drill configuration7V+1T 
总功率/Total power23Kw 
工作气压/Operating air pressure0.6~0.8Mpa 
控制系统/Control systemBJD
台面/TablePhenol table panel
定位方式/How to locateAutomatic
辅助气枪/Auxiliary air gunYes
注油系统/Oil injection systemAutomatic
变频器/DriveDelta 3.7KW
导轨/GuideTaiwan Yintai
电气元件/Electrical componentsSchneiderOmron
床身结构/Bed structureThick wall steel welding

Company Advantages:

Equipment machine tools use welding industrial robot soldering, improve welding quality, welding quality can be reflected in numerical patterns

Products Characteristics:

Stress aging instrument: in the form of resonance to apply additional dynamic stress to the workpiece, thereby reducing and homogenizing the residual stress inside the chemical parts, and its dimensional accuracy to achieve stability

All machine beds are processed by large-scale high-precision pentacoid processing centers (roughing, finishing, punching, tapping)

Infrared collimator is a precision angle measurement instrument, with modulated infrared light for precision ranging instruments. Guaranteed equipment quality (straightness, flatness, verticality, parallelism, etc.)

Numerical control equipment are using laser interferometer for precision detection and automatic compensation

The main components of the equipment are processed using high-precision CNC machining center

Dual-drill packages can be machined simultaneously for a significant increase in efficiency

Computer operation CAD/CAM, custom graphics, easy operation, label scanning

Double clamp long rail, clamp automatically adjust grip position, automatically avoid punching position

The workbench can move up and down, improve the drilling accuracy, reduce the scraping and impact of the plate phenomenon

Automatic side-to-side to suit the positioning needs of different workpiece widths

Side auxiliary pressure to prevent the large plate deformation of the serious warp plate caused by processing anomalies and errors

Air floating table, protect the workpiece from scratch in the process of sliding

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