CNC Six-Sided Drilling Machine P810

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Six-side CNC drilling efficiency fully reached the level of double-station PTP processing center, general workers can operate single, small work load, can be directly connected with a variety of single software, mainly used for all kinds of artificial plate six faces (through hole, half through hole, hinge hole, horizontal drilling), with the spindle can be slotted milling type and other auxiliary processing

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CNC Six-sided Drilling Machine


◆a high-speed, continuous processing CNC drilling equipment, can be connected to the software, the maximum processing sheet for 2, 4, 0, 0 * 1, 2, 0, 0 m m, a worker can operate daily processing more than 1150 pieces of sheet

◆ The feeding table is an air floating table, which can effectively protect the sheet from being scratched in the process of sliding

◆ Double clamp, automatically adjust clamping position according to plate length, can easily process small plate or large plate, no additional adjustment

◆Workers only need to scan the bar code, the machine can automatically complete the whole process of drilling on six sides of the sheet and grooving on and down the sheet without manual technical intervention, to achieve zero error processing

◆According to different production needs of users, choose different discharging methods (forward forward, forward backward), or choose automatic conveying drum or side discharge, which is convenient for connecting or multi-machine side-by-side production

Out Size4960*2380*2000mm
Sheet LengthLength Opening
Sheet Width50-1200mm
Sheet Thickness50mm
Maximum Feed-in Height50mm
Maximum Working SpeedX:80m/min Y:150m/min  Z:35m/min  u:50m/min
Control SystemBJD Customized
Spindle Power2.2KW Air-Cooled*2
Spindle Speed0-18000r/min
Other Power22KW
Working Voltage380V 50Hz
Upper Drilling Configuration12V8H
Under Drilling Configuration7V+1T
Drilling Speed4500r/min
Drilling Power2.2KW

Company Advantages:

Equipment machine tools use welding industrial robot soldering, improve welding quality, welding quality can be reflected in numerical patterns

Stress aging instrument: in the form of resonance to apply additional dynamic stress to the workpiece, thereby reducing and homogenizing the residual stress inside the chemical parts, and its dimensional accuracy to achieve stability

All machine beds are processed by large-scale high-precision pentacoid processing centers (roughing, finishing, punching, tapping)

Infrared collimator is a precision angle measurement instrument, with modulated infrared light for precision ranging instruments. Guaranteed equipment quality (straightness, flatness, verticality, parallelism, etc.)

Numerical control equipment are using laser interferometer for precision detection and automatic compensation

The main components of the equipment are processed using high-precision CNC machining center

Computer operation CAD/CAM, custom graphics, easy operation, label scanning

Double clamp long rail, clamp automatically adjust grip position, automatically avoid punching position

It is standard to drill 12V+8H and drill down 7V

Automatic flank, to adapt to different workpiece width positioning requirements! Processing width 1200mm

The upper and lower grooves are more efficient

Air floating table, protect the workpiece from scratch in the process of sliding

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