CNC Side Drilling Machine-P57

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Apply for : Board furniture, cabinet wardrobes, office furniture, custom furniture, wood products, furniture and other industries Processable Sheet: Density plate, ecological plate, multi-layer plate, particle board, wave board, insulation board, plastic, acrylic and other sheet

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CNC Side Drilling Machine


◆Professional plate furniture perforation equipment, processing efficiency and precision industry-leading, by the vast number of customers, partners

◆ Realize fool-like operation, can directly achieve intelligent positioning of precision punching, error rate of zero, is more than twice the speed of traditional drill punching, only small work can be operated, reduce the high cost of driller, high error rate, labor time and other waste

◆Combined with ergonomic design, it makes operation convenient and practical efficiency better, intelligent oil lubrication system, so that your equipment maintenance is easier and more convenient

◆Bed design combined with practicality, aesthetics, stability and other aspects to achieve cost-effective industry-leading

可加工板材尺寸/Processable sheet sizeLess than 2500mm
最大运行速度/Maximum operating speed40M/min
操作系统/Operating systemDimensional control
最大进料高度/Maximum feed height50mm
传动方式/Transmission modeGears, racks
主轴功率/Spindle power3.5KW
主轴转速/Spindle speed18000r/min
驱动电机/Drive motorWade
感应器/SensorLaser sensors
减速机/GearerBJD Customized
主要功能/Main FunctionsThree-hole side hole, wooden pin hole, slotting, invisible link piece, etc.

Company Advantages:

Equipment machine tools use welding industrial robot soldering, improve welding quality, welding quality can be reflected in numerical patterns


Stress aging instrument: in the form of resonance to apply additional dynamic stress to the workpiece, thereby reducing and homogenizing the residual stress inside the chemical parts, and its dimensional accuracy to achieve stability

All machine beds are processed by large-scale high-precision pentacoid processing centers (roughing, finishing, punching, tapping)

Infrared collimator is a precision angle measurement instrument, with modulated infrared light for precision ranging instruments. Guaranteed equipment quality (straightness, flatness, verticality, parallelism, etc.)

Numerical control equipment are using laser interferometer for precision detection and automatic compensation

The main components of the equipment are processed using high-precision CNC machining center

Machine control interface design user-friendly, fool-like operation, operators can be simply trained to work, no need for technical workers. Machines are agile and efficient, helping you make a leap in production capacity

The important electrical components in the control cabinet are all used in Delessie and other imported electrical components, and the main line is equipped with a filter to eliminate interference and ensure the stability of the control system

Processing auxiliary station, maximum processing length 2500mm width open

Sweepable processing

Equipped with two spindles, three-hole side holes, wooden pin holes, slotting, invisible link pieces, etc

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