Automatic Tool Change Machining Center-X231

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Scope of application: Suitable for panel furniture, cabinet doors, office furniture, custom furniture, door industry and other industries.

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BJD-X231 Automatic tool change machining center

Machinable plate:

Multilayer board, particle board, ecological board, density board, wave board and other boards. ● Multi-purpose machine can be used for blanking and punching cabinets, and can also complete the carving and milling of cabinet doors. It is the best solution for custom furniture industry. ● Powerful functions, automatic feeding, vertical hole punching, optimized material opening and automatic material feeding in one go. The process is uninterrupted, achieving industry-leading efficiency output. ● Strong stability. All the beds are tempered. The industrial design of the bed is heavy. It adopts square linear guides, which has strong bearing capacity and the industry's leading machine load. ● Excellent accessories, select high-quality accessories such as imported motors, new-generation integrated control systems, imported servo motors, etc. The factory precision is strictly tested. 

Technical Parameters:





Maximum running speed


Feed height


Shank specifications


Number of tool magazines / changeable tools


transfer method

X, Y rack Z axis screw

Spindle power


Spindle speed

0-18000r / min

Other power (excluding spindle)

4.5KW (excluding vacuum cleaner and vacuum pump)

Operating Voltage

380V 50HZ

Control System


Clamping method

Vacuum adsorption

Drill row


Company Advantages:


The equipment and machine tools use welding industrial robots for welding to improve the welding quality and reflect the welding quality in a numerical mode.

Stress aging instrument: Apply additional dynamic stress to the workpiece in the form of resonance. When the additional dynamic stress and the residual stress are superimposed and reach the yield limit of the material, the workpiece undergoes micro or macro plastic deformation, thereby reducing and homogenizing the residual inside the workpiece Stress and stabilize its dimensional accuracy.
All machine beds are processed by large high-precision pentahedron machining centers (roughing, finishing, drilling, tapping)


Infrared collimator is a precise angle measuring instrument, which consists of two parts: a parallel light tube and a telescope; an instrument for precise distance measurement using modulated infrared light. Simultaneous measurement and display of two-dimensional angles;Guarantee equipment quality (flatness, perpendicularity, parallelism, etc.)
Numerical control equipment uses laser interferometer for precision detection and automatic compensation.

The main parts of the equipment are processed by high-precision CNC machining center


Integrated control, higher sensitivity and stability; humanized control panel design, the operator can get on the job after simple training, without the need for a technician. The machine moves quickly and efficiently, helping you achieve a leap in productivity.

Square double-track operation is stable, bucket-type tool magazine, standard 20 tools, can effectively reduce tool change time

New towline, cable with high kneading shielded wire, longer service life.

The pushing device has a blower system, which automatically cleans the table surface and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

Servo drive, which has the highest performance of high-speed and high-precision transmission. It can be processed without turning back to the original point. It can be started quickly and has a strong load capacity. The maximum torque of its motor can reach 350%.

Automatic oil lubrication system to extend equipment life

The square steel is welded and tempered to eliminate welding stress and ensure that the bed is not deformed.

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