Automatic Tool Change Machining Center-X600

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Suitable for panel furniture, cabinet doors, office furniture, custom furniture, door industry and other industries.

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BJD-X600 Automatic Tool Change Machining Center

Applicable materials:

Multilayer board, particle board, ecological board, density board, wave board and other boards. ● 20 tool magazine design allows you to complete a variety of complex processing such as milling, engraving and cutting at one time. ● The spindle motor adopts imported high-power air-cooled tool-changing spindle, with high accuracy, low noise, high speed, long life, stable operation, and giving full play to the superior performance of this machine ● The linear guide adopts imported square linear guide, double-row and four-row ball slider, with high bearing capacity, stable operation and high accuracy. ● The table adopts the industry-leading vacuum adsorption table, the table has a high density, does not deform, and has a strong adsorption force, which can strongly adsorb materials of different areas. ● The whole machine adopts seamless welding of steel structure, strong rigidity and no deformation, which can ensure the machining density.

Device Parameters:




9000 * 2050 * 2800mm

Machinable sheet size

1220mm * 2440mm

Maximum running speed

40/30 / 15m / min

Feed height


transfer method

Three-axis screw

Spindle power


Spindle speed

0-18000r / min

Other power

4.5KW (excluding vacuum cleaner and vacuum pump)

Operating Voltage

380V ± 5%; 50HZ ± 1%

Magazine / tool number

Servo tool magazine / 20

Carving control system


Clamping method

Vacuum adsorption

Automatic lubrication system



Air-cooled automatic tool changing spindle, follow-up bucket type servo tool magazine, standard 20 tools, greatly reducing tool changing time.

The six-point sucker parallel line suspension type gripping device effectively avoids the situation of scratching the plate while re-feeding.

Equipped with a high-power automatic tool change spindle with a maximum speed of 18000r / min.

All three axes are driven by precision screw, which runs smoothly and with high precision.

The table top adopts vacuum adsorption table top, matrix polyester table top and MDF. The suction area can be manually opened and closed according to the size of the plate.

Automatic oil lubrication system to extend equipment life

The square steel is welded and tempered to eliminate welding stress and ensure that the bed is not deformed.

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